“We kept hearing farts and nobody knew who it was… I can tell you it was not me!”

In the nineteen sixties, kids did drills for nuclear bombs, nuclear or whatever, but we don’t do those anymore. What kind of roles did you do an elementary school? Are there any memories that stick out to you about a drill? One of our team members once had a classmate get lost on their way to the safe location for a fire drill. Oof. The drills we do are tornado drills, lockdowns, and fire drills. Do you have any memories during these? Yes. During a lockdown. This was actually recently. It was I think two weeks after spring break. Might have been last week or the week before that. I don’t remember the day, but it was, it was, it was pretty scary. Because my teachers didn’t know about the lock down and it usually takes them about 10 minutes to get to your classroom to, like, do that stuff, or whatever. The police and our principal come, and then, and that time it took half an hour. But what was funny was, I was in the back room with two of my friends, and there was nobody else back there because you switched days having the back room. It’s on like a calendar thing and it was my friend’s day. Yeah, it was my friends day. Yeah, so in the process, we were trying to keep calm but we weren’t and we were all like huddled up and we kept hearing farts and nobody knew who it was. It’s kind of weird. I can tell you it was not me. But yeah, I mean, I guess you had to be there.

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