“I want to feel hopeful, even if I end up being wrong again.”

I hope Covid continues in the right direction. I forgot to look up this week’s numbers. But I swear the numbers have been plummeting, just like we hoped they would. We saw the numbers of Omicron cases in South Africa go insane like a month, month-and-a-half ago. And then they dropped off a cliff and people said, “Maybe they’ll drop off a cliff here too.” And it looks like that might be happening and man, please. But I’m gonna try to steer clear of falling into that trap, that trap called hope. But you know what? I wanna — I want to feel hopeful, even if I end up being wrong again, moving forward. I wanna feel hopeful, I wanna believe this is different. I wanna believe we have a way out. So I’m gonna use some positive vibes and hope that we’re gonna get there, guys. You know, all pandemics end at some point and I’m not gonna require that coronavirus disappear, ‘cause coronavirus existed before Covid. I’m not even gonna require that Covid-19 fully disappear. I just want to get to a spot where we can be more okay with it, you know. If it has to end up as a common cold sort of thing, that’s a win in my book. I’ll take it. I’m just — I’m so ready. Please, I’m begging you, Covid. But anyway, yea, hope you guys are still staying safe out there, and I wish you the best this week.

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