“That’s why ghost stories and horror can be effective.”

One time one of my co-workers asked us — we have these morning meetings, like three times a week and they’re more sometimes fun. And he asks us, “If you could only choose one, what would you say is more likely to exist, aliens or ghosts? You have to choose one, and you can only choose one.” And most people said aliens because of, you know, well, the universe is so big and statistically, it’s unlikely that we’d be alone or whatever, and, but I was like, ghosts, you know? Yeah, that could be, there could be aliens, sure. But like, there’s a little like, literally, no evidence. The more just basing, that on like, statistical probability, is not evidence, right? Ghosts, like, people have stories, you know, throughout time of seeing things, or a feeling things or hearing things. You know, I just think that that, yeah, like why the heck not, even if you believe in a person’s spirit, you know. Or the Holy Spirit, even. I don’t know how you could say that that’s an impossibility, right? And I think we all know the feeling of being haunted, if not literally then figuratively, by a person or an experience, something you did or didn’t do or regrets. That you just can’t shake, and I feel like that’s kind of a universal feeling maybe, and that’s why ghost stories and horror can be effective because I feel like we’re all kind of familiar with those. The creeping dread.

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