“I standing there alone having screamed for no apparent reason.”

But I do have an unusual number of stories — I think it’s an unusual number of stories — of times when I accidentally screamed in public. I think the first was when I was going to boarding school and the school had taken a field trip to the mall for one of the weekend activities. And I was, I was in a bookstore, of all places, with my best friend and she was having some drama with a guy from the school. And we rounded a corner, and I was not looking ahead of me. I was looking off some direction, but she was looking ahead of her and she saw the guy that she was having drama with. She did not want to encounter him. So she tried to stop me by gently putting her hands on my shoulders, not taking into account my excessive startle response. So she put her hands on my shoulders. I immediately scream. She very quickly, fast like a bunny, runs the opposite direction. The guy looks up. I am standing there alone, having screamed for no apparent reason. He, he just kinda looked at me in shock and said, “Are you okay?” And I said, “Yes. I’m going to run away now.” And then I did exactly that.

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