“I heard a noise in my mother’s bedroom down the hall, like a rustling noise, like a “shhhhh” rustling.”

Have I ever had a supernatural experience? You know, my parents died, when I was forty-two, and they died literally three weeks apart to the day. And I was staying at their house after they had both passed, sleeping in my dad bedroom — ‘cuz with her health issues, they were sleeping in separate bedrooms. And I was sound asleep and the headboard of the, of the bed I sleeping in — it was my dad’s bed — was against a side window. Not, not, nothing facing the street, but a side window – it was the weirdest thing. Anyway, I, I, I was sound asleep, like I say, and I woke up and there was like a white flash in the window — and this is out in the woods now, mind you. Because they had a retirement place on the lake. There was a white, a very white, bright light and I woke up and it was just receding up and away from the window very quickly. And as it woke me up, I heard a noise in my mother’s bedroom down the hall, like a rustling noise, like a “shhhhh” rustling. And because I had the alarm system on, I knew it couldn’t be anybody else in that building, in the house. And so, I went into my mother’s room, and there was, of course, nothing in this, and no – I turned the light on, there was nothing, nobody there and nothing amiss. Nothing had fallen, nothing was moving, had moved or anything. And anyway, did a quick, real quick search of the house and there’s nothing was amiss. And again, the alarm system was on, so nobody had been in — had broken in or anything. And the windows had been shut. So it wasn’t an outside noise, because this was in the winter. And, and I had a sense of calm, I wasn’t bestuttled. It was just a sense of calm. And I spoke with a couple of my friends who are a little bit more into the supernatural or whatever, and they suggested that it was my parents stopping by to let me know that everything was okay and they were all right, and make sure, you know that I knew everything was fine. And so, that was kind of — I mean, this is twenty-six years ago. It stuck with me and it’s stuck with me ever since and it — it just stuck with me. That was the one that I think supernatural experience that I’ve had and there’s been little odds and ends and stuff, but that was the one that really stuck with me.

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