“The best thing you can do if you’re in a horror movie, is basically do something a horror movie protagonist would do.”

“If you were in a horror movie, would you survive or would the audience yell at you as you walk into the basement?” I feel like I would make smart decisions but would be killed anyway, like I remember there was this one time where my parents were like, you know, out and then my siblings and I stayed home and suddenly, you know, our house has the alarms which basically go off if something happens, like if a door opens, you know, they go off, you know, you obviously have to set it like, if a window breaks, if someone breaks in and basically, we are just, you know, chilling at home, parents are away. And suddenly we hear alarm go off and it’s like area seven or something around the lines of that. And just, like, hear beeping in the area seven and again, my sister and I were downstairs. I think my brothers are upstairs, and we started to look at each other. I think I went upstairs. And then, my brothers decided to go investigate in the basement. They — we call our parents and they’re like, “Oh, go check.” And apparently it was pipeline. So it was nothing serious. But yeah, so while — I guess, I hid upstairs, my sibling were like, “Oh, yeah, let’s just go, you know, downstairs.” They brought kitchen knives. I know. So I feel like in a horror movie in that situation, they would survive or maybe one of them might have died, I dunno, cus, like, that’s something a protagonist in a horror movie would do. And I, you know, being smart, would die. I think, like, the best thing you can do if you’re in a horror movie, is basically do something that a horror movie protagonist would do. Cuz, you know, they gotta survive ‘til the end. Yeah, I’d be a side character for sure. Yeah, I feel like my decisions would keep me alive, but I’m just an unlucky person. So I’m gonna die anyways.

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