“It was like I was in a Stephen King novel.”

Have you ever been in a thick fog where it was difficult to see what was in front of you? Oh my gosh. I was on the freeway. It was 1979. I was seventeen years old. It was worst fog I ever saw in my life, and I was coming home from Ohio back to Michigan. Oh my gosh, it was a scariest time. It was like I was living in a Stephen King novel. I just kept waiting for the devil to come. I just knew he would just walk out of that fog and I couldn’t see cars in front of me. I couldn’t see cars coming up behind me. I couldn’t see anything. It’s the worst fog that I’ve ever been in. Ever. And I was only seventeen driving, my first year driving. Scary stuff. Made it home safely, but I really doubted that I was going to make it home that day.

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