“I want IQ points.”

But if I were to be paid if something other than money… If it’s, like you know, in the more fantasy realm, I want IQ points. I want to be a genius. Super smart. Like, right now I feel like I’m just above average, like, I’m not that smart and it’s kind of sad but I have to accept it. And I see my classmates, natural geniuses. I’m like, “Oh dang. I wish I was like that” but I’m not, so kind of a little of that. So I definitely want to be smarter if that were a possibility, because then I could, you know, learn languages more easily, do harder math, get a perfect SAT score, you know, something like that. Or like in video games when there’s like skill points. Like plus one into art, plus one into music, plus one into, I don’t know, cooking. That sort of thing. Skill points would be really cool. Or like skill points into magic, you know. The ability to like just go to work and then become a powerful wizard and become a vigilante at night, would be a pretty fun idea. 

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