“I’ve been experimenting. This is celery Jello.”

Moving on to a different prompt. “Has someone ever made food for you that you didn’t like but you ate anyway to be polite?”

Oh so many occasions, so many times. My grandma on my dad’s side at one point was really obsessed with Jello. So, all – let me just restart with this. My grandma on my mom’s side and my whole mom’s side of the family has like a cookbook they passed down from generations with all like the recipes that we’ve had and one of them is rainbow Jello, which is like a red Jello, a orange Jello, like they don’t specifically have to be in a rainbow. But all this different kinds of jello stacked on top of each other and prepared, so that the Jello is like all different colors, which is fun and super cool. But then my grandma on my dad’s side of the family. She also kind of wanted to join the Jello trend. I’m feeling like that must of – how it had gone down, but her Jello was a little bit more interesting. In a polite way of saying it, interesting.

So I specifically remember, and this story has been told many times in my family, a time going over there with my whole family. And she brought out the dessert and we are all like “Oh my gosh. Jello!” She put it on the table like uncovered it with the tin foil and we looked inside and we were like, “Huh?” And she was like “Guys I’ve been experimenting. This is celery Jello.” And we looked at her and we were like “Yum, celery… and Jello…” So I think we ate it at some point, but that’s definitely a time when I ate food, but I didn’t like it, ’cause I was polite.

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