“We beat the seniors in the art part.”

Oh, yeah, another fun thing that happened at my school. We have this thing called Olympics, which is basically like grades versus grades or a chance for seniors to like vent their stress and beat up other little children. I’m in the junior class. We got second place, you know, as expected. One thing that was pretty cool is that I was like the main – I was sort of like the leader, kind of, and it’s kind of arrogant to say that, but it’s in truth really a lot of people were asking me how they should paint something or how they should draw whatever, and so basically we had to design banners. And I’m – I’d say I’m like Fine Art. It’s like I just started taking it this year as an official class, before it was more of a hobby. But, you know, I got to painting and it looked really cool, like our banner and stuff. Yeah. So I was happy with the design. There is some like little minor things that I wish I had a little more control over ’cause I didn’t, like, like it that much. But it’s a team activity. So it’s not like I can get everything I want, especially since a lot of people were working on not just me, and it’s not like we’re all gonna like the same thing, you know? So I think that’s really good for what we came up with, and we beat the seniors in the art part. So that’s really funny.

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