“… what motivates me to work hard is probably a team record for swim team.”

“What motivates you to work hard? Is there anything you’ve worked really hard on? One of our team members would try to do good in school because their parents gave her money for good grades.” I’ve always wanted money for good grades. But then my parents would have to pay a bunch of money. Yeah, I probably won’t brag like that. That was super rude. I’ll never brag like that again. Okay, what motivates me to work hard is probably a team record for swim team. I moved to like a bigger club team, that’s like, you know, more extreme, more like intense. Like, it’s like all of a sudden swimming went from like something fun to do to, like, “I love this,” like, “This is something I have to work really really hard on.” So I got like a ton of team records for my old team because it was like a small team, small town, but this year and last year – so last year, I actually was .24 seconds off of a record that I worked very, very hard at all year long. So this year, I’m hoping to get to my new age group record. I have a little bit of work to do, but I have next year to do it too. So I’m working really, really hard and hoping to get there. So that’s what motivates me to work hard. Just – And the feeling afterward of just like accomplishment, but also a team record.

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