“Summer vacation from teaching is turning into the season of coaching…”

Now that my season is done, what I’ve been doing this week is trying to plan what my summer looks like, and as a coach, I want to – or I guess, as someone who loves lacrosse, I want to stay involved with lacrosse, and the most readily available option that is for me is to be a coach. And as a goalie coach, I’m – that’s a somewhat rare thing to have just because the sport of lacrosse, you know, doesn’t always have a lot of goalies anyway, because in a field – in a team of 10, only one of them will be a goalie. So we’re just, by nature, we’re a smaller fraction. And then, let alone people who are willing to put the time and the energy and the effort into coaching that position, it’s a very different skill, but I’ve gotten – I’ve gotten the opportunity to work with a couple of goalies the past couple of years and it’s kinda continued – that’s kinda continued to grow for me. Every year, I feel like I’m getting more and more people reaching out or I’m getting more and more recommendations. For example, my dad, who coaches at another high school in the area, he’s like, “You need to work with my goalies because they need it.” It’s like, “Okay.” Don’t get me wrong, I am happy to continue doing that and make some – make a little extra cash in the summer and do something that I love, but damn, summer vacation from teaching is turning into the season of coaching. Of my own volition, though. I guess I have – I absolutely have the opportunity to say, “No, I don’t want to do that.” But I am purposely picking up as many opportunities as I can.

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