“What kind of person dresses like that?”

Something that makes me feel fierce is the clothing I wear. I have a few different styles of clothing that I wear. Some are really girly and it makes me feel fierce because, like I dunno, just looking extra fancy. That most women, especially in the UP, don’t really dress, like, very girly at all. But the other thing is also dressing more guyish, I would say. So we’re talking about, like, jeans and I have a few different plaids. And I wear a fedora unironically with, like, heart sunglasses or circular sunglasses. I like to wear goofy charm necklaces. Like, we have – me and my two dude friends who I used to live with, we have – we went to Walmart, we do this sometimes, we’d buy like “Best Friend Forever” jewelry, like, for kids and we’ll wear those around and stuff. But I like to dress like that because it’s incredibly unusual and it throws people off, and it makes people stop and think for a second. Like, if you dress a certain way people judge you for it and they have their preconceived ideas of what a person who dresses like that is gonna be like. But when you start mixing stuff up, like the freaking the kids’ jewelry with, like, fedora plus plaid and weird shaped sunglasses. I have wooden sandals I wear, and that kind of stops people and they’re like, “Well, what kind of person wears all that? ’cause I don’t know anybody else who dresses like that.” I don’t personally and most other people don’t either.

I also have incredibly long hair so it’s like, I feel like it makes people not as dismissive of me as they would otherwise be. And I’ve also heard from a co-worker that it’s sort of intimidating because they don’t – like I said, you – “What kind of person dresses like that?” You don’t really know if you don’t have experience and heck, the next person who dresses like that that comes along is probably gonna be really different from me. So it makes me feel fierce because people don’t, you know, they don’t just dismiss you or, you know, assume you’re gonna act or speak a certain way. They’re just kind of like, “Alright, who is this?” So, yeah. And like I said, it’s – like my coworker said, it’s, like, kind of intimidating. So for me, it’s like, “Heck yeah, don’t mess with me.”

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