“If you had the bunny, you had to share a secret”

So we played this like Truth Bunny while getting ready for bed. So basically, last year at sixth grade camp, we — my friend has this bunny and we started playing this game called the Truth Bunny. So we would all get in our bunks and pass the bunny around, and if you had the bunny, you had to share a secret or like a truth, so. And so it was really fun like we would share — in the girls cabin, we would like share our crushes or like who we think is weird or like stuff like that. Even like really stupid stuff, like “I don’t like grapes.” Some people like shared stuff like that, which it was really annoying because that’s not a big secret, but it is what it is, I guess. So basically, we did that again. And so we had like maybe like six people go and like share stuff about like our crushes, or like — yeah, that’s basically all we talked about. Just love life.

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