“He said he’d rather be at school for two days than go to camp”

And then the last thing I’m going to talk about is actually, um, one of my friends. Um, he hates waking up early, like he hates it, and, um, he, he’s — he was all negative about camp and he didn’t wanna — he didn’t think it was gonna be fun and stuff. He said that he’d rather be at school for two days than go to camp, which is the dumbest thing ever. He said that camp was like a little bit above mid, like it was just a little bit better, and that school is just about mid. So I asked him, you know, “If, if camp is a little bit better than mid, and school is just mid, then how is, how is school better than camp?” And then he said — yeah, so, um, yeah, so then I — and then he said, “Yeah, so I would rather do the mid experience for about, um, seven hours for two days than have to go to camp 32 hours and have it a little bit above mid.” Which was just ridiculous that he even thought the camp was only a little bit above mid.

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