“And I looked at her and I called her by her first name”

At parent teacher conferences one year, there was a woman sitting, waiting for me. And she came in and she started to really kinda get on my case about her daughter not doing very well. Her daughter was in my first hour class. And she never got to school. We started school at 7:50, and she never got to school till after 8:30 so that she missed most of my class almost every day. And the woman was just really kind of getting on my case. And I realized after not too much more that I had had her as a student as well many many years ago. And she got really fired up and finally she says, “I don’t know when in the world they changed school to starting at 7:50 anyway.”

And I looked at her and I called her by her first name which right now, I cannot remember, but I said, “You know, school started at 7:50 when I had you. So obviously it was before 1975.”

Her mother looked at me. She went, “Oh. School started at 7:50 then?”

I went, “Uh-huh.” 

Our principal came up behind her and he said, “I think you owe this lady an apology. You don’t bring your daughter to school on time. We can’t solve that problem until you do.”

I wanted to kiss him. 

But it was pretty funny because it came around and it bit her in the butt. She didn’t think too much of it, and it, it did, it came and bit her back in the butt. I looked it up later. We had changed school to starting at 7:50 in about 1971.

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