“My brother kept saying, ‘Mom, there’s a animal on this stroller.’”

So what happened was, when me and my sister were younger, we decided to put carrots outside for the bunnies. But it attracted possums. So they broke into the window. They ran into our garage. And the next morning like we were getting ready for school because we live so close to school so we could just walk. And this was in elementary. Um, and so we were gonna take my little brother in the stroller. So my — we have like this cup holder and it’s of a whale on the stroller, and my brother kept saying, “Mom, there is an animal in the stroller.” And she would — thought it was the whale, so she’s like, “Oh okay cool, like blah blah blah blah blah.” We were trying to rush to get to school and he kept saying that and saying that. And finally he said, “Mom there is an animal in the stroller.” And he was four so he could barely talk so it was really funny. And I was inside grabbing my coat. And all of a sudden I hear my mom screaming. In a stroll- — in, in the stroller, there was a possum sleeping in a blanket like a little baby, and it was really scary. Uh, and before that, my mom stepped in its poop, so that was great. And then she ran outside, closed the garage, and I ran out screaming. And then we went to school, and then finally, um, my mom came — my dad came from work and he took the stroller and dumped the possum out. And that was a great story. We got in a little bit of trouble.

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