“I got backswinged in the face with a driver golf club.”

So I was going golfing for like — I’ve done it before, but not a lot. And it was when — so my, um, neighbors, three of them, and then their parents and my brother. And I was like 10. And I was not careful and I went behind someone, and I got backswinged in the face with a, um, driver golf club. Who — those things are big. It was — my head felt so — like my head was hot, like, where I got hit, and I could feel the goose egg. Like I put my hand over it and I could feel the goose egg growing and growing, and it was so scary. So then finally, I went up to my brother. I didn’t cry yet. I went up to my brother and then after he started talking, and then I started crying ‘cause… I don’t know. It was — but he saw it growing too. So his eyes were like {gasp}. And he like, kinda just gasped. It was kinda funny. But, so we — I went home, and — reminder, this was probably five minutes within being there. Like, we were only there for like five minutes. And then everyone had to go home. And I laid on the couch. My neighbor’s mom, she gave me a cold ice water bottle on the way back home. But when I got there, I just got home, I laid on the couch. [Name] She was my neighbor back then. She came over and we watched the Bee Movie together. Um, and it really hurt and I had a giant lump on my face for a long time. And, I don’t know, surprisingly I wasn’t self-conscious about that, but… it was kind of bad.

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