“I literally got my favorite childhood tree in my yard.”

…And I was like, “Oh, I love sycamores,” you know. ‘Cause I saw a sycamore when I was a kid. My dad would take us when he was first divorced. He actually did like stuff with us, you know, and after time went on he then he just couldn’t care less about our visits. But I feel — anyway, but those initial times were pretty great and So we went to the Morton Arboretum near Chicago. So there was — in — so we would take the smallest Circle route. My dad — even then he wasn’t very fit back then, so we would do this small circle. And it was called the Morton Circle and in the Morton Circle there was a sycamore tree that was like my favorite and it would have this kind of peeling bark on it. I thought it was just such a pretty, pretty tree. It was one of my fond memories of the Morton Arboretum. 

Anyway, so now fast forward to today. I am selecting a tree. So I finally look online to a bunch of places. Look at the catalogs, see that there is a, like a sycamore tree, and they only have one available at this nursery. So I’m researching that kind and I read it’s a London Plane Tree. Once it was delivered and arrived at my house — I kid you not, this is what — I think I’ll end on this note, this story, because this is wild. So I didn’t see the tags at the time that I was at the nursery. But I pull off like the tag and it says Exclamation! London — like Exclamation! London Plane. And I go on the internet and I Google like what we had – What about this tree? Like what attributes like does it not like how tall does this one get? is going to be this massive unruly tree? all this jazz. So apparently the actual trademarked Like official name of the Exclamation! London Plane Tree is called like the, the — it’s like, the Latin name and then it says X Morton Circle. So apparently this exact type of like, London Plane Tree of the Sycamore family is identical exactly trademarked to the one in the Morton Circle that I saw as a, as a little girl. So that’s wild, like, I don’t even think I could have ever knew that that was even a thing at all whatsoever. So yeah, I literally got my favorite childhood tree in my yard, which is wild.

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