“She didn’t just chew it, she ate it. She was pooping out $20 bills.”

I had a, a basset hound named Julie when my kids were little, and she was constantly chewing something. We couldn’t leave our shoes down. We couldn’t leave our socks down. My poor [Name’s] Barbie doll set was cremated by this dog. And it was a Friday afternoon when I came home and I put my purse down on the floor, where I never kept it. I always put it on the table, but this day I put it on the floor for whatever reason. And it wasn’t zipped. And Julie got in it, unknowingly to me. And she ate my envelope that I had just cashed my paycheck in. She didn’t just chew it, she ate it. She was pooping out $20 bills. It was awful. I was beside myself. But I washed off those bills that she pooped out. I followed her for days pulling money out of her poop. And I washed them all and I took them to the, to the bank and so long as they, they could read the serial number, they would exchange the money for me. And I got most of my paycheck back that way, but oh my gosh. It was a crazy couple of weeks.

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