“I often don’t eat the birthday treats, but today obviously there’s no way I couldn’t.”

One of my students was celebrating their birthday, which is technically tomorrow, but they brought cookies in today. So they passed cookies out to, you know, everyone in the class and then right when she was done passing out the treats she got called to go home. I think her mom was picking her up to, you know, celebrate her birthday early. So she took her extra cookies and she kind of bolted down the hallway. And one of my kids noticed that I didn’t get a cookie. So she broke off a piece of hers before she ate it and she gave it to me, but I refused to take it ‘cause I was like, “That’s your cookie. I can’t take it.” So I kind of hugged my hands so she couldn’t put it in my hand, and she set it on the desk next to me anyway, but like five minutes later the birthday girl came back to the classroom. She was supposed to be gone. She kind of like used her head to knock on the door because she was holding the tray of cookies with two hands and I opened the door and she was like, “I almost forgot my favorite teacher!” And she gave me a cookie and when I took it — it sounds like I’m making the story up, but when I took it, the, the class broke out into a round of applause. I swear they don’t do it all the time. It sounds like they do it like every five minutes but yeah, they just were pumped because they saw that one student tried to give me a cookie and I refused, so. I often don’t eat the birthday treats, but today obviously there’s no way I couldn’t and that was a delicious chocolate chip cookie. So it’s a win.

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