“But then they told me why there was no school, and it made me really sad.”

Today, I’m gonna be talking about what happened in 2023 on February 13th and how it impacted my life. From what I remember, on that day I was – so, I – when I got up in the morning and came to my parents, they told me that there was no school, so I was happy. But then they told me why there was no school, and it made me really sad, and a bit frightened, too. So, I’m pretty sure my family closed our blinds and stayed inside our house for that day. But I don’t remember it perfectly.

I know that I was pretty scared, and I was sad at the thought that some students had just gone to campus, um, from their home, and then never returned home. And I thought about how devastated those parents must have been. And I remember my friend telling to me that his brother, who was 13, I’m pretty sure, was on campus, like, at that time. But he didn’t – my friend didn’t really tell me any more details about that.

And I guess when I heard the news that some of the people in the hospital who were there when the shooting happened – I mean, like, some of the people who got hurt, um, recovered well, and were back on their feet. I would just say that I guess it sparked a little hope. And now – um, and then I’m pretty sure a bit later, like maybe a month later, I heard that there was a shooter in the building – in like a school building in Texas, and I was just really hoping that my school could still be safe. And when the shooting happened here, and not in Texas, um I know – I think she wanted school shut down.

But what really was the worst about it – well, what really made it so bad (which, it was) was that normally in [town name], everyone is, like, safe. And nothing really bad happens. Or if it does it’s pretty minor. But I assume that in some places it’s not quite as big of a deal, of a deal. But here it really was, and I was really sad that that happened. And I was thankful that – um, that only three people died and – when it could have been more. But, I was scared like I said before. And yeah, I don’t really know what to say. Because I think that’s all. Well, I remember that I was, I was so sad about it that I actually cried. And the day we’re recording this right now, I am on the breaking point of crying, so I think this is all I’m going to record.

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