“He started manufacturing these hats in Ironwood, Michigan, where he was from.”

I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of Stormy Kromer? It’s a company in Ironwood, Michigan. So it’s right on the very western tip of the UP, and I think it’s so far west that it’s even on central time. It had its start, I wanna say, you know, maybe close to a hundred years ago by an individual who — he was a train conductor at the time, I believe. And he wore a baseball cap, but he couldn’t keep his ears warm with his baseball-style cap, and he — or his engineer hat didn’t keep his ears warm. So the, the guy who started asked his wife, “Can you sew ear flaps on my engineer hat so my ears can be warm?” And so she did and started this distinctive style of hat. And then all his friends saw them and wanted them, and so he started manufacturing these hats in Ironwood, Michigan, where he was from. And they still make them there today, and they’ve certainly — they’ve been bought out. The company kinda languished as he aged and didn’t give it much attention, but was recently bought out and they’ve got a much more wide-ranging style of not just these hats, excuse me, but mittens, gloves, jackets, shirts, hats — all different kinds of products, and it’s a, a really cool place. We were up there a couple years ago and tour — got a tour of their factory. You know, it’s a US-made product, and a lotta their products incorporate plaid, different colors of plaid fabric, and it’s, um, some for women as well as men. So, it’s a really cool brand and I would highly recommend if anybody’s looking for a hat to keep their ears warm during the winter to check out Stormy Kromer made in Ironwood, Michigan.

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