“So, sorry about that, Uncle!”

So another person I interviewed was my uncle. And my uncle lives in Vietnam and I do not live in Vietnam, I live in America, the U- – uh, Michigan. And so, I thought that our time difference was 12 hours, right? And I wanted to interview him. So I thought, “Oh, if I get to school at 6 o’clock and call him to interview him, then over there it will be 6 PM. And then that’ll all work out and we can do the interview.” So I told him, “Okay, we’re gonna interview each other at 6 PM, Vietnam time.” And I was like, “Yeah, this is gonna work out great. This is such a great idea.” Mm-mm. Apparently it’s not a 12-hour difference, it’s an 11-hour difference. But I didn’t know that!

So the first time I went to school, I started calling him and he was not answering and I was so frustrated. I was like, “Where are you grand- –? Where are you uncle? Where are you?” 

He would not answer, and an hour later he was like, “Oh sorry. I was washing the dishes.” 

And I was like, “Um, ‘kay then. Uh, I- I guess that could happen.” 

Because he works in a monastery – he’s a priest, that’s why I was interviewing him. It was about, uh, covid relief that he was doing. He and his missionary were doing some work for covid and I wanted to interview them about that. 

And so a few… days later, I think? I decided to do it again. So we went – so I went into the journalism room and my teacher was there. Pretty sure I went and got her keys. Maybe she had to come in early because I was going in early too. Sorry about that! But, um, she was my journalism teacher. And then, so, I was like, “Okay, here’s what I’m gonna do. I’m going to call him.” And it was 6 and he still didn’t answer and I was getting really frustrated at that time. I was like, “Dude, what is going on?!” And then finally I was like, “Okay, last try.” And I called him again, he did not answer! 

And then, finally at 7, when I was in class, he was like, “Oh, yeah. Um, I thought we were gonna call each other at 6.”

And I’m like, “Yeah, I did call you at 6.” 

So he was like, “No, you called me at 5.” 

And so I texted my mom, I was like, “Mom. What’s the time difference between here and there?” 

She was like, “Oh, it’s 11 hours!” 

And I was like, “Whoopsie!” 

I did not realize and I had gone so angry at my uncle, without realizing it was all my fault. So, sorry about that, Uncle! I don’t know if he knows about it yet, but I guess maybe he’ll find out one day.

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