“And the goat came around and started eating my shorts.”

Oh, have I ever been to a fair? Yes, I’ve been to a couple of fairs. Fairs can be fun. We went to a fair in France and they made goat cheese there and my husband found these little baby goats, and they came up to him and they just wanted to be petted and everything else. And we tasted the goat cheese and all the rest of it in the farm department. And that was kind of fun. 

My favorite thing – and people will tease me about this on my birthday as well. When my kids were little, my friend and I took all five of our kids who were under eight to the Toledo Zoo. And they had kind of a fair and they had a petting zoo going on and everything else. It was the middle of the summer, it was very hot, and I was wearing shorts. And so I’m taking my kids and we’re going around and seeing and petting the different animals, and we get to the pen where the goats are. And the goat came around and started eating my shorts. And I had to keep pulling my – the hem of my shorts out of this goat’s mouth, which, kind of slimy and ucky and I wasn’t real happy about it. But finally my friend said, “Go on ahead. You’ve gotta get out of here, ’cause this goat is going to eat your shorts if you don’t get outta here.” Just what everybody always wants, to spend their day and a goat eats your shorts.

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