“Am I gonna get a chance to like, touch Elton John?”

Note: There is language that is excluded in the transcript but not excluded in the audio.

But one of the most recent times that I can think of of, you know, somebody not wanting to do something that I wanted to do was when I paid $500 per ticket, so like a thousand dollars in total, for me and my ungrateful boyfriend to go see Elton John live on his last tour of America in Grand Rapids, and I had got like side balcony tickets. They were literally the cheapest for $550 each. And I was like, “I love Elton John. I’m gonna see this man. I’m not gonna regret it.” And I was with my boyfriend at the time and I didn’t have anybody else to go with so I was like, “You’re coming with me ’cause I don’t wanna go to a concert by myself.” Which, in hindsight – literally like last week, I just went to a concert to see Two Door Cinema Club in Detroit by myself because nobody could come with me and I had a great time! So if I would’ve just, you know, been able to see the future in 2018 and been like, “You know what, you can go to a concert by yourself,” I would’ve had a grand f****** time and I would not be telling this story right now and I would still not be full of regret like I am today.

Because, so. Me and my boyfriend we go to this concert and given it’s about, mmm, maybe – I can’t remember – My boyfriend tore his meniscus for the second time on the same knee either a month before or the concert was like a month after he had gotten it repaired with surgery. Either way, he wasn’t walking that well, but he could still walk. Okay? He was still, I’m pretty sure – Mm, no, I think I drove there, but he was still up and about. He was not bedridden. And like I said, this is the second time this happened to him, so he knew what was going on in this rodeo. 

Anyway, so we get into the venue and the people at the gate are like, “Okay, like let me scan your ticket,” and then this other lady who’s right in front of the doors to like go into the concert hall, I don’t know what to call it. She’s like, “Hey, we have some extra floor tickets. Would you, like, like them?” And I was like, “Floor tickets?” And my little tiny brain was like, “Hell yeah! Am I gonna get a chance to, like, touch Elton John? Like, it’s like that type of floor? ‘Cause if it’s like a mosh pit, I’m pushing my way to the front. I’m breaking some people’s hips to get up to the front to see Rocket Man myself.” 

But no, there was, like, chairs set out so you couldn’t have, like, a mosh pit, you know. And of course, the floor tickets were, like, yeah on the floor, but I’m five-frickin’-three and we were literally in, like, the second to last row on the floor, so I couldn’t see s***. And I was pissed. And like, we still had my old tickets, like the side balcony ones. So during the intermission I was like, “Hey boyfriend, we’re gonna go up there and check out my actual seats.” And he was like, “Ugh, okay,” being a little grumpus. Like, he got free pass to this ticket – or this concert. I didn’t even make him repay me for the tickets, even now, years later. 

Um, so, but we had to walk upstairs ’cause there wasn’t an elevator. And like, honestly, like, he could’ve taken the stairs as long as he wanted to. Like, he could have taken one stair every 10 minutes and I would not have given a damn, ’cause I would’ve just met him up at the top, I would’ve handed him his ticket and been like, “See you later.” Or, like, I would’ve just gone up there by myself and he could’ve sat on the floor, you know? But we get, like, all the way up and we find my, my seats and they’re actually better than the floor seats. Like, I am closer – I’m literally, like, sideways parallel to Elton. Like, if he would have looked up from the piano, we coulda locked eyes, you know? It was great. I was so excited.

But like, I had accidentally gone up, like, one flight too high so we had to go – or maybe one flight too low. So we had to go – anyway, we had to go back to the stairs and he’s just complaining the whole time, “My knee hurts, I don’t think I can walk up the stairs anymore. I wanna go back to the floor seats.”

And I am like – like, I understand that you are hurt and I feel bad for you. But like, you knew how badly I wanted to see Elton John. This is one of my dream concerts and I’m making it happen. And he knew that I was not happy in the back of the floor seats because I could not see over anybody’s head that was above me. And we weren’t even allowed to stand on the chairs so I couldn’t even stand up there even though I was in, like, the back frickin’ row. And I’m not the type of person to be, like, assertive, which I really need to be better at that. But I just, you know, just brushed it aside, and I was like, “Okay, like, yeah, I guess we can go back down to the floor seats and we’ll just finish the concert out there.” And like, even thinking about this right now, it makes me so angry that I just – I wanna, like, cry. And I’m still so p***** at him for this. Like, I will hold this resentment for the rest of my life.

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