“What kind of puzzle is a pepperoni?”

A time I felt playful… Hmm… Well, I guess we could go with Easter, where I brought games. And Anomia was the game we played where my friend, bless his heart, somehow managed to read “type of puzzle” as “type of pizza,” and was very sure of his answer being pepperoni. And we’re just sitting there looking at him going, “What?” He’s like, “Yeah, pepperoni!” It was like, “What kind of puzzle is a pepperoni? I mean, I guess you have to arrange it on the pizza.”

But anyways, so my friend answers and she takes his card instead, and he’s like, “Oh, puzzle!” He’s like, “I thought it said pizza.” And we’re sitting there going, “How? How did — that’s not even the same number of letters. And also, when we pointed it out, you could have changed your answer to sudoku or crossword!”

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