“The bagels are evil.”

My partner and I both lost our battles with a Panera bagel yesterday, so. When we began our drive back, we stopped at Panera, so I was like, “Let’s pick up some bagels that we can have Monday morning.” So, I was going in the office earlier so I was leaving first. I was awake on my own and I’ve cut myself the same way on a bagel before where it’s like I’m kind of sawing at it towards my hand. And so I’m actively thinking about it. And I was like, “Okay, let me hold the bagel a bit further from my hand and let me be careful.” But I don’t know if I was just thinking too hard about it or I just, you know, shoulda gotten out the cutting board and, and cut it on there instead of cutting towards my hand, but I learned my lesson because I immediately got caught near the end and, and sliced my hand, I’d say pretty badly for me but not too badly. I didn’t have to go to, like, the ER or anything. Didn’t cut anything important. I bled a lot because you know, it’s my hand and I, I gave a decent like centimeter, two centimeter long cut across my hand between my finger and that — my thumb and my index finger. And it was very frustrating and it hurt a good amount and now it just feels like — I’m a day later now and it just feels like — it almost just feels like I have a bruise there. So now it’s like the cut’s still there and it’s healing. I’ve been changing the Band-Aids and it just feels bruised. It still feels tender there. So I, I have felt awfully dumb about that and definitely not going to let myself cut any more bagels like that for the foreseeable future, hopefully for forever. Hopefully I’ve learned my lesson for good but apparently it wasn’t enough the first or second time and cutting it worse the third time is definitely good re-encouragement to be more careful about that in the future.

But then my partner, after I’m at work, they send me a text that just goes, “The bagels are evil.” And I was like, “Please tell me you didn’t cut yourself.” But apparently she stepped away while it was toasting. And hers was a cinnamon crunch, so it had like some of the cinnamon sugar on it. And it had caught on fire inside the toaster oven, so when she came back to it there was a small fire or flame going on on one of her bagel halves in the toaster oven. Thankfully, you know, we’re both okay. I mean I have my little cut, and she did not get to eat her bagel, but other than that, we’re both okay, but we are feeling awfully silly about our bagel experiences from yesterday.

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